Programming Languages


As a seasoned programmer for the last three decades I have used a wide spectrum of programming languages and development approaches.

By the end of the 80’s I was introduced to the concepts of Object Oriented Programming using as main language the C++ which I still follow very closely.

As a heavy user of Visual C++, MFC and COM my transition to the .NET platform was quite natural becoming an early adaptor of C# since its very early releases. I have used pretty much all of the core technologies that consist the .NET framework and the Microsoft stack in general like ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, Win Forms , LINQ and SQLServer.

I have always been very keen about the free and open source software having invested a lot on Linux, MySQL and Python…

Domain Specific Languages is a concept that I have applied several times in the past and still feel very keen about the potential of this approach.

Functional programming is another approach looking rather attractive and after a long period of obscurity it has been gaining a lot of momentum lately.

I maintain a long time interest in this type of programming, materializing it using Scheme and Lisp in the past and currently by F#, which we believe has a great potential as it combines both worlds of Functional programming and .NET.

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